One of many campaigns for Savills, massive kudos must go to the forward thinking team at Savills. A bid director with a clear focus on pushing the boundaries and improving win rates massively in a relatively short space of time.

When there is a clear differentiator in favour of your main competitor, sometimes you need to turn that differentiator on its head and turn it into a ‘so what’ in the eyes of the prospective client.

Which is exactly what we did with this opportunity to St.William.

The competitor had bricks & mortar stores in the direct vicinity of the London development, Savills did not, however, the market had changed. Prospective buyers no longer wasted time walking into agents, the demographic was a digital one. Lucky for us Savills had by far the biggest share of search traffic in London. So all we had to do was change St.Williams perception of ‘local’ which happened to be the largest competitors core focus.

The readdressing local tagline was penned and we decided to not only say it but live it. You can’t state the power of digital and then deliver the bid on paper so we created a secure, password protected website to highlight the digital marketing strategy behind selling through the development.

Once we convinced the team at Savills that we could deliver a campaign brand, website and bid collateral in 4 days the team worked tirelessly around the clock to deliver this successful campaign.

When the idea is a great one, we will push through everything to deliver. It’s why we do what we do.

“I can’t tell you exactly why but there was an instant trust that these guys could deliver, it was, after all the first engagement with them. The risk was high and the stress levels should have been too but it just went smoothly and we ended up with a campaign that made a huge impact with the client, but also one which set the benchmark for quality and innovative thinking to all deal makers in the wider Savills team. An engagement we strive to better but one I will never forget”.

Global head of bids – Savills