A brand created for Babcock MSS’ cyber security workshops with the main goal of customer acquisition and creating meaningful, targeted thought leadership content as part of a wider capture strategy.

“We want to get some big players in the room for half a day… we know who they are, we need you to create a reason for them to come and we need you to get them there… Oh and we have 5 weeks”.

The solution – In the world of Cyber, there are thousands of businesses who will tell you the solution, millions of pieces of content telling you what needs to be done. But none showing the other perspective. We convinced MSS analysts to remove their white hats and put black hats on for the day.

We invited CISOs from the sales director’s top 150 hit list to come and hack their own companies… the evil symposium was born.
We created a targeted campaign at 150 CISOs which resulted in 25 attending an exciting and completely different day.

“Not your average corporate approach, but as stated by SMSW, these aren’t your average targets. SMSW consistently challenge us to focus on the outcomes & not be blinkered by what we have always done. A great success and one which I personally will always hold up as the benchmark for customer acquisition.”

Robin Vann – Sales & Marketing Director