When it comes to painting a picture of the future and promising innovation and change, it’s a lot harder for an incumbent than it is for a fresh new company desperate for the opportunity.

So, in a bid which was highlighting a fresh approach to elevating quality phone accessories to the general public and opening up a serious revenue stream which had been previously overlooked, we decided that showing was far better than telling.

The clever ‘double entendre’ of ‘It’s time for your upgrade’ was created as the campaign tagline and we visualised elevating phone accessories to a luxury purchase by spoofing high end perfume adverts and making them about accessories. D&G became D&C (data & charge cables) and the BOSS advert became Bass, replacing the perfume for a bluetooth speaker.

The campaign became the story and a visual metaphor for the value proposition.

Whilst this may present a risk with some clients customers, this was well judged, replicating EE’s jovial GTM strategy and ad campaigns and highlighting Brightstar as the right fit.