Capture Marketing: Behind the Scenes

Grab some popcorn and get comfy to hear how our proven process guarantees you do everything in your power to win that next big opportunity.

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Our process, deconstructed

When it comes to our process, we stick to the same tried, tested and trusted script every time. It has enabled us to create award-winning ads for fashion brands just the same as it has enabled us to help global corporates win ‘big bucks’ contracts.

How can one process do both?

Because the principles of advertising work every time in any context.

Here’s how…

Hunting down opportunities

Through our workshops and sprints we develop intense knowledge of your markets.

With this knowledge we predict, pre-empt and prepare – never ‘just waiting’ for opportunities to fall into our laps.

After locking-in on an opportunity, we scope it to within an inch of its life.

We hunt down potential angles and strategise how you can win your race before it’s even begun. Perfectly aligned to the fundamentals of pursuit and capture.

Scrutinising the competition

A winning edge is only achieved when you know where you stand, what you’re up against, and how to get ahead.

We help you to identify where your competitors have weaknesses and you have strengths – strengths your prospective customers are craving.

We then help you shout about it at every possible opportunity.

Connecting with customers

If you want to win your customer over then it’s imperative you know them inside out.
 At SMSW, our customer and decision-maker profiling goes beyond the basics – it reveals your prospect’s real struggles, desires and shortfalls.

It gets down to the nitty gritty of their real job roles, big pains and what they want to gain.

Deep-rooted, underlying factors that would have a transformative impact if noticed – a far cry from the typical answers your average procurement exercise throws up.

Brand Discovery

“What makes you extraordinary?”

It’s the first or many powerful questions we ask during value proposition workshops. 
We swear by a proven creative process that unearths the best of any business – never failing to excavate the most compelling win themes, differentiators and brand stories.

We then create captivating value propositions, together with head turning creative, that strikes at your prospective customer’s hot buttons. A crucial component of any great capture strategy.

Content creation

As specialist capture marketers, we are masters of persuasive communication.

Our team craft content and campaigns which are impossible for your target clients to ignore.
 Profiling insights and value propositions get weaved together to create customised content that really hits home.

The focus then shifts to delivering these messages at the perfect time, using the most effective mix of channels.


In marketing, strategy is everything.

Our intelligence, content and execution fuels a strategy with purpose and demonstrable ROI – making it easy to justify the power of great capture marketing.


Here's the masterplan...

Discovery Session

Value proposition sprint
Customer profiling
Competitor profiling
Positioning statements

Engagement Mapping

Identifying decision makers & influencers
Establishing hot buttons & key messages
Creating audience & engagement maps
Advanced data research

Content Creation

Development of complete content strategy
Access to full in-House creative studio
All content creation


Reacting to current events
Advanced targeting techniques
Sales/nurture funnel creation
Data analytics
Advertising & media buying

And here's our Creative Director to explain it all...