Our long standing clients are firm advocates of having a specialist capture marketing agency in their tool kit.

Drawing on our creative thinking to build the perfect strategy, utilising the latest technology & techniques to find and engage targeted audiences and harnessing the content creation and design know-how of our in-house studio which enables them to confidently build campaigns that massively increase the odds of winning.

  1. Positioning them as 'The' Viable Option

Guarantee that the prospect decision makers and key stakeholders know that they are a viable and credible option for them.

2. Highlighting their credentials

Making sure that the decision makers, key stakeholders & influencers know the quality of their products & services and the breadth of their expertise, knowledge & skills.

3. Investigating the 'Real' Requirement

How to make sure they are talking the same language, understand the real issues, problems and pain points the prospective organisation is trying to solve.

4. Educating, Informing & Influencing

Evidencing their expertise, helping the prospective client to visualise the real problems that need solving. informing and educating the client on the potential solution(s) & influence the correct questions for a successful RFP.

“The team at SMSW bring so much to a project, they are not your run of the mill design agency, they understand what you are trying to achieve and give you so much confidence, inject enthusiasm and see things that are difficult for us to see.

I have no problem with recommending them to anyone who wants to articulate a proposition and create compelling, eye catching and simple collateral for capture, sales and bid projects.”


Sales Director | Babcock International

Marketing that mirrors Capture Management

At SMSW Media we swear by a proven creative process to attract and win new business for our clients. Here are 6 ways we have made sure our marketing process mirrors great Capture Management.

Hunting Down Opportunities

We never wait for opportunities to fall into our laps. Instead, we predict, pre-empt and prepare. Together we hunt down potential and strategise how to win the race before it’s even begun. Perfectly aligned to the fundamentals of pursuit and capture. 

After locking-in on an opportunity, we scope it out to within an inch of its life. Key to this is gaining intense market knowledge through our workshops and sprints.

Scrutinising the Competition

A winning edge is only achieved when we all know where we stand, what we’re up against, and how to get (and stay) ahead in the field.
 Where competitors are weak, our clients have strengths – strengths their potential customers are craving. But what are they? We help find out and shout about it every chance we get.

Connecting with Customers

It is imperative to know the audience inside out if you want to win them over.
 At SMSW, customer and decision maker profiling goes well beyond the basics – it reveals the real struggles, desires and shortfalls. It gets down to the nitty gritty of job roles, pains and gains.
 Deep-rooted, underlying factors that would have a transformative impact if noticed, a far cry from the typical answers your average procurement exercise throws up.

Content Creation

As specialist capture marketers we are masters of persuasive communication.
 Our team craft content and campaigns which are impossible for target clients to ignore.
 Profiling insights and value prop themes get weaved together to create customised content that really hits home. The focus can then shift to delivering this at the perfect time across the most effective mix of channels.
This has never been lost on our Capture Management clients but historically has been a wish rather than an expectation?


In marketing, strategy is everything. All the intelligence and content from the previous points fuels a strategy that has purpose and can prove its worth.
 ROI is important and when the strategy and sales/nurture funnel are built, run and analysed to perfection – With revenue ROI to hand, it is easy to justify the power of a great marketing and capture strategy.

Brand Discovery

“What makes you extraordinary?”
It’s the first thing we ask during value proposition workshops. 
We swear by a proven creative process that unearths the best of any business. It never fails to excavate the most compelling win themes, differentiators and brand stories.
 Our team can then create captivating value propositions and supporting positioning statements that hit directly on the customer’s hot buttons.
 These are all crucial components of a great Capture strategy.

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